Expats in China: A Clear Future?

China continues to be a trending expat destination, but issues such as air pollution challenge the expat experience. Should global companies be paying more attention? The more I research, the more I become interested in China. I’ve never been to China, but when thinking about China through the global mobility lense, it’s a fascinating study. […]

Where To Next? A Look at Expat Cities

In my line of work, understanding the status of expat cities can be quite helpful. The more I can assist global HR managers in effective expat management, the better. In working with global HR teams and employees in various stages of the assignment process, it’s essential to learn and understand the expat process from A […]

Female Expatriates: On the Move?

There seemed to be a big buzz in the global HR world around 2006 that the percentage of female expatriates was really on the rise. But is that still the case? Conduct a quick search for current articles on the female expat situation, and you come up fairly empty handed. I did manage to find […]

Unprecedented Solutions

HRToolbox was recently shortlisted for an Americas EMMA for Best Vendor Partnership. Celebrating excellence in global mobility, the Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards, or EMMAs, recognize industry leaders, business successes and rising stars. Learn more about the EMMAs and see the complete shortlist of America’s nominees here. Check out this condensed version of the entry […]

Improve Your Odds: International Assignment Success

Too often, we hear about the reasons international assignments fail. Instead of doing that here, let’s change our angle. Let’s be “the glass half full” type of people. Let’s think about the nuts and bolts of international assignment success. The odds are stacked against us. We know international assignments fail due to the assignee’s family […]

A Best-of-Breed Approach: Addressing the ROI and Retention Challenges of Global Workforce Management

Published in workspan, the World at Work magazine, this article addresses how increased competition for global talent, along with the growing dependency on expatriates, means that multi-national companies need to adopt a long-term outlook and embrace solutions that can manage and administer functions that are critical to human capital management. Read the Full Article Here.

Repatriation Program Key for Retaining Returning Talent

Meeting the needs of expatriates financially, socially and personally is critical to ensure each global assignment is successful and productive. However, few multinational companies realize that failing to have a repatriation program in place can be a costly oversight. This article, published in the Talent Management Perspectives newsletter, will walk you through the key elements of a […]