Inside the Toolbox: Expat Communication

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Keeping a global team informed and updated can be tough, especially when team members are working in various countries all over the world. Since effective communication directly correlates with expatriate success, it’s important. Employees need personal and corporate information at their fingertips to feel connected. Questions and concerns need to be addressed quickly and effortlessly.

Want to feel like a superstar when dealing with both general and company-specific expat communication issues?

We can help you hit communication home-runs.

A client recently faced challenges with general expat communication. With the tools we’ve developed over the past 15 years, we were able to get this client prepared for the big game:

Let’s Warm Up.

A centralized place where global managers and expatriates alike can access and review specific information is essential for a successful connection between the expatriate and her colleagues and friends in her home country. A centralized database eliminates the need for managing various Excel files and time-consuming emails, keeping everything up-to-date.

On to Batting Practice.

These days, the 9-5 workday only seems to exist in 1950’s reruns. No standard set of office hours exists for the global employee or for those who support her. Throw in a typical expatriate travel schedule, and you quickly realize critical information needs to be accessible whenever and wherever an expat needs it—not in some imposed block of time or prescribed location.

At the Plate.

Our client’s management team struggled with the secure and efficient preparation and distribution of employee payslips to various payroll departments around the world. Late preparation and delivery of payslips became the norm for employees, despite multiple hours spent on the process. Even with supporting technology in place, the management team still struggled with preparing and delivering 300+ secure emails each month.

After careful consideration of the client’s unique problem, we extended our existing tools to better support the client’s specific set of needs.

After the compensation worksheets have been updated and the monthly payroll has been prepared and approved, each employee is notified with an email and attached payslip (zipped and password protected, of course). All payroll administrators responsible for these employees are also emailed with copies of the payslips. Notification happens in a timely manner, allowing our client to devote its time to better supporting assignees in the field.

Now, everyone’s happy.

Home Run!

We can also create secure, automated email distribution to share a wealth of data with your expatriates—reminders, general compensation information, even baseball stats.

Our communication solutions keep your communication lines open and your head in the game.

What’s inside your toolbox to improve your expat communication?