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What we have discovered over the last 20 years is that most compensation software is not flexible enough to keep up with the ever-changing world around us.  We spend so much time and energy trying to make sure we have accounted for every little detail only to realize that something could happen next week that would need to be handled in a special way.  That’s why Excel is so pervasive in our little corner of the world.

Excel is great at doing certain things but once your population grows beyond a certain point, it begins to show its weaknesses.  So we developed a set of tools that would give you the flexibility of Excel but also provide some consistency so that it doesn’t breakdown when handling larger populations.

All of our tools

  • can be used stand-alone so you can simply find the ones you need and get started
  • work very well with Excel so you’ll be able to get started quickly without any big conversion projects.
  • are flexible enough to allow you to create the specific set of data that you need in order to accomplish your daily objectives.

Our basic tools to manage your data start at $295 a month and our workflow tools start at $500 a month.

Whether you’re gathering information from the field, organizing that information, or communicating everything back out to managers and employees,  you’ll be able to define very detailed interactions that meet your needs.

Please get in touch to learn more about how we can help you to stop relying on excel and start getting everything into its proper place.

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HRToolbox delivers web-based tools to help clients track their global workforce and provide international compensation systems for employees in more than 70 countries. Our software and services have helped clients across a number of industries more accurately and efficiently manage their personnel and HR operations, and our dedicated support team provides rapid, knowledgeable responses to changing needs.

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