Improve Your Odds: International Assignment Success

Too often, we hear about the reasons international assignments fail. Instead of doing that here, let’s change our angle. Let’s be “the glass half full” type of people. Let’s think about the nuts and bolts of international assignment success.

The odds are stacked against us.

We know international assignments fail due to the assignee’s family situation; assignee’s inadequate pre-assignment training or lack of support during assignment; challenging assignment locations; and compliancy and cost management. So, what steps are needed to chart a successful path?

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again. Communication is essential. The assignee and his family need continual connection to the home country and corporation; on-the-ground, host country contacts, both personal and professional; and easy, reliable access to important corporate documents and policies. Fortunately, global workforce management software solutions can help effectively manage many aspects of assignee communication.

Global management software offers one portal where corporations can securely store and access all international assignee data, such as:

  • Assignee’s Personal Information
  • Assignment Details including Compensation and Payslips
  • Online Travel Calendar
  • Corporation’s Documents, Resource, Vendors
  • Employee Forum or Communication Board

Our chances just got better.

Managing tax compliancy and tracking assignee expense may feel like a roll of the dice. To gain success, corporations need systematic maintenance of these complicated international assignment aspects. Again, global workforce management technology can improve your odds.

To help with tracking the assignment costs, a best-of-breed technology partner offers:

  • Compensation Management
  • Global Payroll Accumulation
  • Cost Projections
  • Budget vs Actual Reporting
  • On-Going Support

Creating custom reports is another benefit of teaming with a solutions provider. Data gleaned from custom reports enhances corporate leadership in communication, decision making, and what-if analysis. Keep in mind choosing a technology partner known for its exceptional client support is the only way to ensure the software’s capabilities work best for your corporation.

We are on a roll now.

So, with the right strategies, a smart toolbox and a supportive solutions provider, corporations can indeed change the success they experience with international assignments. Even better news? Technology is keeping speed with the global character and intense pace of business today, so chances are you’ll hit the jackpot.