Language and Cultural Expat Training: Doing It Differently

Language training and cultural training are essential for expat survival in a new host country.

You know this.

You also know transitioning to a host country is tough. You don’t want your assignee’s inability to effectively communicate to further burden her journey.

The market is now loaded with unique and creative language and cultural training products—some with true staying power, some with flashy gimmicks.

Here’s some new trends that piqued our interest:

Wood Egg

Looking to move to or start a business in Cambodia or Thailand?

Derek Sivers has got you covered. His Wood Egg series is a collection of books offering insider cultural advice to 16 Asian countries. The affordable, yet dense books answer questions about country-specific challenges, strategies, talent, marketing, banking and locations.

How are these books developed? Sivers generated 200 questions, hired 3 researchers and put them in the field, and then had information gleaned from the questions reduced into a useful, readable format.

Wait, there’s more.

Sivers claims these books are ongoing, dynamic research projects, subject to annual updating as more cultural data is unearthed. And get this, product purchase gives you a full-access pass to Sivers and his team: you can ask any question about your country of interest, and they will seek and provide answers.

That’s cool.

Check it out: Wood Egg

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Remember ROY G. BIV? Remember what it stood for? The folks at ReBilderU think you should.

It’s a mnemonic device—that ridiculously difficult-to-pronounce word that was supposed to help you study. Do they work? ReBilderU thinks these devices are the key to learning at the speed of light.

Alright, maybe not that fast, but they claim ReBilder’s Guided Mnemonic Systems™ can reduce learning times by 90 percent. That’s a bold claim.

For its language acquisition courses, ReBuilderU employs a hyper-accelerated learning platform that utilizes mnemonic devices. In fact, they profess students can quickly learn a new language in record time and easily apply their new language skills to real-world environments.

Recently formed in 2013, ReBilderU currently offers instruction in five languages with more options coming soon. At a decent price point, you could use ReBilderU to start waxing poetic in Italian in a mere 25 hours.

Check it out: ReBilderU

And yes, we know you remembered the colors of the rainbow.

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Providing innovative language and cultural training could be the difference between your assignee’s success or failure when acclimating to a different culture.

So, set your assignee off on the right foot. Or the left foot. Really, whatever foot makes your assignee feel most comfortable and confident moving forward in her new locale.

It’s a win-win for everyone.