Inside the Toolbox: Expat Communication

Inside the Toolbox blog posts provide useful information on HRToolbox tools and services. Keeping a global team informed and updated can be tough, especially when team members are working in various countries all over the world. Since effective communication directly correlates with expatriate success, it’s important. Employees need personal and corporate information at their fingertips […]

Improve Your Odds: International Assignment Success

Too often, we hear about the reasons international assignments fail. Instead of doing that here, let’s change our angle. Let’s be “the glass half full” type of people. Let’s think about the nuts and bolts of international assignment success. The odds are stacked against us. We know international assignments fail due to the assignee’s family […]

HRToolbox Offers Complete Toolbox Solutions to Manage Expatriate Workforces of All Sizes

HRToolbox announced a series of affordable new tools — Professional Toolbox™, Total Toolbox™ and Enterprise Toolbox™ — to more efficiently meet the challenges of managing a global workforce. These easy-to-use tools can replace the cumbersome spreadsheets used by many in Global HR and solve common assignment management issues such as global payroll accumulation and compensation […]

A Best-of-Breed Approach: Addressing the ROI and Retention Challenges of Global Workforce Management

Published in workspan, the World at Work magazine, this article addresses how increased competition for global talent, along with the growing dependency on expatriates, means that multi-national companies need to adopt a long-term outlook and embrace solutions that can manage and administer functions that are critical to human capital management. Read the Full Article Here.

Repatriation Program Key for Retaining Returning Talent

Meeting the needs of expatriates financially, socially and personally is critical to ensure each global assignment is successful and productive. However, few multinational companies realize that failing to have a repatriation program in place can be a costly oversight. This article, published in the Talent Management Perspectives newsletter, will walk you through the key elements of a […]

Automating Global Pay, Benefits Can’t Wait for Better Days

Despite tough economic times, HR professionals can’t stand still with regard to one of their most valued assets – their expatriate workforce. This article on automating global pay, published online for SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), will discuss the the critical need of a global compensation management solution that can help HR streamline administration, […]