We asked our customers how HRToolbox has improved their work and lives. Here’s what a few of them told us:

The biggest advantage of HRToolbox is the flexibility and the user’s customization ability. The time savings is also substantial: we are able to run a cost projection in about 10 minutes from start to output.

Brooks Neitzke – Director, International Assignment Compensation Services at Cartus

The customer service, flexibility and responsiveness of the HRToolbox team allows us to be flexible and responsive to our client base. When clients have special needs, the HRToolbox staff is always willing to take on the challenge.

Darrell Bockemehl – Manager, International Assignment Compensation Services at Cartus

We have offices around the world and because HRToolbox is web-based, everyone has access to the same data in real time. In addition, HRToolbox’s outstanding customer service and technical support truly stands apart.

Brooks Neitzke – Director, International Assignment Compensation Services at Cartus

HRToolbox is our go to resource for tracking global international assignees and streamlines the processes of administration for the global team. The ability to run reports and the batch process for Goods & Services updates are priceless. HRToolbox makes international assignment management very efficient—I cannot imagine how we would function without it!

HR Manager, Expatriate Administration

The HRToolbox team is cohesive, knowledgeable and extremely timely in their responses. They offer support for implementation of new processes upon request and are continually improving their product.

HR Manager, Expatriate Administration

Previous software packages were often expensive and inflexible. HRToolbox allowed us to customize the system to meet the company’s specific needs and helps us work remotely but effectively.

Joe Crumly – Director, International Employee Relations

HRToolbox has partnered with us to develop customized reports and outputs that support our service offering to our clients. HRToolbox is significantly less expensive than other tools, easy to use and fast to implement.

Cara Skourtis – Vice President, Knowledge and Experience at NuCompass Mobility Services, Inc.

We use HRToolbox for balance sheets, exporting payroll and cost estimates. The HRToolbox staff have been excellent every single time I’ve requested their help. I could not get my work done without HRToolbox!

Anita DeLeon – Senior Global Advisor at NuCompass Mobility Services, Inc.