Unprecedented Solutions

HRToolbox was recently shortlisted for an Americas EMMA for Best Vendor Partnership.

Celebrating excellence in global mobility, the Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards, or EMMAs, recognize industry leaders, business successes and rising stars.

Learn more about the EMMAs and see the complete shortlist of America’s nominees here.

Check out this condensed version of the entry that got us shortlisted. You’ll find out why HRToolbox and Switzerland-based Panalpina, Inc. has the award for Best Vendor Partnership sealed up tight.

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With their ongoing outsourcing arrangement, the thriving partnership of HRToolbox and Panalpina has accomplished unprecedented solutions that promote the highest level of service to the Panalpina Global Mobility Team, to the Panalpina assignee population, and to Panalpina management.

The Panalpina and HRToolbox relationship began in September 2008, and their outsourcing partnership was implemented in July 2013. Acting as an extension of the Panalpina Global Mobility Team, HRToolbox provides Panalpina more time to focus on big picture issues rather than managing daily tasks that distract from other important priorities.

Dave Wingard, Panalpina’s Corporate Head of Global Mobility, discusses the importance of the HRToolbox and Panalpina partnership in Panalpina’s ongoing process of improving its overall global mobility service delivery:

HRToolbox has partnered with us to help change the way we operate Global Mobility. A GM transformation project was completed in the fall of 2013, and a crucial aspect of being able to handle that transformation was this partnership. HRToolbox has become our workhorse in terms of continuing the transactional baseline of our daily Global Mobility work which has allowed us to focus on the transformation effort within GM at Panalpina.

HRToolbox has improved Panalpina processes in the following ways:

  • Reduced Administrative Burden: HRToolbox takes ownership of once time-consuming processes for Panalpina.
  • Enhanced Management Reporting and Analysis: HRToolbox compiles data, performs detailed analysis and prepares meaningful reports for the Panalpina Global Mobility Team’s meetings with management.
  • Improved Vendor Communication: HRToolbox enables timely communication with Panalpina vendors, including its relocation provider; medical and dental plan providers; pension plan provider; and tax provider.
  • Joint Assignee Communication: HRToolbox reliably handles assignee communication, whether the assignee is embarking on a new assignment or repatriating to her home country.
  • Centralized Compensation Database: HRToolbox’s centralized compensation database enables Panalpina’s HR administrators to easily upload compensation data to later be used for tax reporting and payroll processing.
  • Ad Hoc Project Management: HRToolbox easily handles projects Panalpina does not have the bandwidth to cover.
  • Independent Process Management: HRToolbox manages a matrix of services defined in conjunction with Panalpina and then coordinates any changes with the appropriate vendors and documents the modified process.

HRToolbox and Panalpina’s outsourcing partnership clearly impacts cost management. The joint efforts of the Panalpina Global Mobility Team and HRToolbox help Panalpina save money by providing critical support to the assignees, which in turn helps to reduce failed assignments, ensuring successful assignment completion and increasing employee retention.

Wingard further confirms the partnership’s success in creating cost savings and considers the partnership’s involvement with future needs:

Plugging HRToolbox into our vendor policies and allowing them the freedom to think as a Panalpina partner rather than “just another vendor” created cost savings by using their technology and market knowledge to pressure our vendors to deliver a more easily reviewable product.

Also, we have asked the HRToolbox team to help in documenting failed assignment reasons and failed assignment costs. As they are helping us develop the baseline information this year, we will work with them in the future to compile data analytics that will enable us to predict assignment successes and failures before we select candidates for assignment.

Flexibility, collaboration, open communication and a responsive team enable a healthy partnership between HRToolbox and Panalpina that benefits both parties. HRToolbox’s technology-supported solutions, communication and documentation ultimately reduce Panalpina’s administrative burdens and mobilize all Panalpina agents to greater productivity and long-term success.

Together, HRToolbox and Panalpina will continue to produce unprecedented solutions.